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Christmas Specials

We would like to wish all of you, our players a Happy Christmas in the only way we know how, with GREAT CHRISTMAS SPECIALS. So on December 24th, 25th and 26th we have Christmas Specials of over £1,000 in Guaranteed Cash Games Every Night! So don't miss out on your chance to make this Christmas a magical one.
It’s the Only Way to Travel at Bingo Blowout

Fancy hopping on board the best ride in bingo town? Forget public transport -- the only train you need to ride is the Bingo Money Train.
Get Your Name in Lights at Bingo Blowout

At Bingo Blowout, it’s possible to see your name up in lights. If you thirst for fame and fortune, why not see if you can get on the Bingo Blowout ‘latest winners’ board.
Four Free Bingo Rooms at Bingo Blowout

It's incredible to think that some online bingo sites don't even offer free bingo. Of course, free online bingo isn't to everybody's taste, but for those who love free games, Bingo Blowout is the place to be.
Get the Royal Treatment at Bingo Blowout

Ever wanted to become King or Queen of your own castle? Then it's time for you to cross the drawbridge and enter Spin Castle, an exciting three reel slot game at Bingo Blowout.
Choosing an Avatar Is Fun at Bingo Blowout

The Members’ Gallery at Bingo Blowout is an interesting place indeed. Here, members’ profile pictures, or avatars are displayed in alphabetical order, for the world to see. If you are stuck for inspiration as to which avatar to choose, this is the perfect place to look.
Pre-book today for Bingo Blowout Free 4 Cash £25

Every day at 4:30 PM, at popular free bingo site Bingo Blowout, players get their eyes down for the Free 4 Cash £25 game. This is an exciting time for funded Blowout members, because it gives them the opportunity to play online bingo without spending money.
Bingo Blowout Know How To Celebrate

Bingo Blowout certainly know how to congratulate their lucky players. This popular online bingo site announce big winners by putting their name up in lights for the world to see.
A few rules keep the chat happy at Bingo Blowout

Bingo Blowout is an exceptionally popular free bingo site, and one of the reasons for this is the friendliness of the chat rooms. This is because Bingo Blowout has a set of chat rules that roomies are asked to abide by.
Bingo Blowout Make It Easy to Pay And Play

Bingo Blowout is proving to be a massive hit with lovers of bingo. One of the main reasons for this is certainly because of the variety of payment methods roomies can choose.
Bingo Blowout say no to spam

Free online bingo site Bingo Blowout often send out exciting promotional e-mails to registered players. These can contain anything from news about weekend specials, to offers of free cash, to one-off deals taking place. This can especially happen if you are using public e-mail such as Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL. All of these organisations use strong spam filters, and occasionally, your Bingo Blowout e-mails can find themselves in the trash bin along with dodgy Viagra emails!
75% Reload Bonus at Bingo Blowout Blows Others Out Of Water

Many online bingo sites offer a reload bonus, and the standard is amount is either 25% or 50%. Although generous, very few sites can match the highly impressive 75% reload bonus on offer at Bingo Blowout.
For a Limited Time Only

For a limited time only our Free 4 Fun halls will be awarding a minimum 100 points on each game! Don't miss out as these will not last long.