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9am - 10am/5pm - 6pm GMT

Each number 'box' has a hidden amount of BBs inside. The winner of the game is given the amount of BBs that is revealed within their winning box. Either keep the amount of BBs revealed 'DEAL' or try your luck with 'NO DEAL'. If you choose 'NO DEAL' the CM will use the first ball out of next game as your winning box. You could win more, or less with between 2 to 10 BBs to be won each game.
Duck Hunting
12am - 1am/3am - 4am/7am - 8am GMT

When you hear the number 22 called - "two little ducks" - simply type "DUCK" into the chat box faster than anybody else and you'll be the winner of the duck hunt and win 2BBs.
Blankety Blank
1am - 2am/8am - 9am GMT

The Chat Host types a sentence or title of something but leaves a space blank for the chatters to guess what that word is. The first chatter who guesses the blank word correctly wins 2BBs.
5am - 6am GMT

When bingo is called, and the winning player is not in the room, the first present roomie who types out "Oh yes we've been raided" wins 2BBs!
Higher or Lower
2am - 3am/6am - 7am GMT

The full house winner chooses whether the first number of the next game is higher or lower than the number they won on. If they guess correctly, upper and lower buddies get 1bb each.
3pm - 4pm/11pm - 12am GMT

Pick one B number (1-18) and two O numbers (73-90). When all of your numbers appear type "Boo". First 2 players win 2 GBBs each.
2pm - 3pm/4pm - 5pm/8pm - 9pm GMT

Select a number 1 - 90 and when a block of 6 is created including your number shout Block and the number, eg Block 33, First 2 to call win 2 GBB's
Pop the Balloon
7pm - 8pm / 9pm - 10pm GMT

Players choose a number between 1 and 90; this number is their 'balloon'. When their number gets called their 'balloon' is 'popped'. The first 2 players to still have a balloon flying at the end of the game and type 'POP' in chat win 2 GBBs.
10am - 11am/6pm - 7pm GMT

Pick one number of your choice from each of the three rows- G(55-72), I(19-36) and N(37-54). When all three numbers are called type in "GIN". First 2 players win 2 GBBs
4am - 5am/12pm - 1pm GMT

Be in the chat room while playing and get 1 GBB every time your neighbor wins.